Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Biggest loser is over.

Today was the last weigh in for my biggest loser contest.
This is a little sad really. However I think I did rather well.
A total of 19.6 pounds lost
a percentage of 9.0%!!!
Is it enough to get me some cash?
We'll see.
Really I didn't do it for the money
I had actually kind of forgotten about it really.
I did it more for me!
I want to be healthier and happier.
So I guess if you are rounding up I have made it to my goal
One other happy note I am out of the 200's!! Now on to the next 20 pounds!!

Friday, October 1, 2010


of my biggest loser contest that is! This is the week I will lose 3 lbs to hit 20lbs lost!!
I didn't have a change in weight loss this past week and I know it is because I slacked on my exercising and didn't really pay attention to what I was eating. It is amazing how much that affects things.
This week I seem to be doing better. So there is my update not so exciting but hey we all have tough weeks right!
Well besides my 5K that I am going to do in December which I am recruiting friends! Feel free to join me!! I think it will be much for fun if I have friends to go run with.
I am also going to try for another 20 lbs by Christmas and then another 20 by March 1st. Which is when I am leaving for Hawaii!! So wish me luck I am only about a 1/3 of the way to where I want to be!