Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Progress tracker

Did you notice my side right over there?
I signed up for a free weight loss site called "my fitness pal" Its terrific. You can track your food online and what exercise you do too. I'll weigh in every week and it will track my progress. So now you can all see if I'm gaining or losing. Here's to hoping that number goes down not up!
Tell me if you try it and like it!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Really only 25 days?

Did I really sign up for a 5k that is in 25 days? I'm not sure that I am going to be ready.
Good news is that we weighed in to start
So I am now a little more motivated. I did get my running in. Do you think its bad to run more than 3 times a week? Or should I mix it up? I would ultimately like to lose 30 pounds by the time our contest is up in 3 months. Its going to take some hard work and dedication. Which is hard with all this Easter candy around. Wish me luck!

Friday, April 22, 2011


I want results right now.

I am impatient.

I tend to stay up late. Its something I should work on.

However working until midnight doesn't help.

So while I am up late after work I watch TV.

My favorite is to laugh at infomercials.

Sometimes however they suck me in and I find myself wanting to buy,

especially the weight loss ones.

I know why those weight loss infomercials are so enticing.

Most of them promise easy, no effort weight loss.

WEIGHT LOSS is NOT like that.

I want results now.

I wish I didn't have to put forth ten times more effort to lose the weight

than I put forth to gain it in the first place.

Its NOT easy

there is plenty of effort involved.

I sometimes wish that I can push a magic button

and be skinny.

That would make me happy


Probably not

You appreciate the things you work for.

My Mom & Dad helped me learn that.

So I continue on my journey.

my hard work.



I journal my food

I drink LOTS of water


I'm not going to see results right now

I know I will see them

hopefully sooner rather than later!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I signed up for another 5k!!
Check it out and feel free to join me :)
I really think it is for a good cause.
I have no ambition of winning just doing my best.
I really slacked last week with it being spring break.
Hopefully with the weather getting warmer I will get outside and back on track.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Some of you may remember about a year ago I did a biggest loser contest with some of my cousins and friends. We sent money to a girl to hold onto and we went for about 8 weeks. My cousin and I ended up losing the same percentage of body weight and therefore decided to split the money in the pot. YEAH ME!! Well sad to say I never received my winnings. It kind of deflated my progress that I had made. I know its lame to say that I gave up because I never saw the monetary prize but I did. I should have kept going because I would be a lot farther ahead now. No I slacked for awhile and gained about 1/2 of the weight back that I had lost. WHY is gaining so much easier than losing?? Well we are planning a trip to CALIFORNIA this summer. We are going to be going with Ryan's family. Newport Beach!! A week on the beach sunny, warm, sandy AHHHH!! I can hardly wait. Well now The Rasmussen's have decided to do a biggest loser contest my brother in law came up with the idea to call it RASMUSSEN LOSERS!! I love it! So my goal is to lose 25 pounds really I would like to lose 30! The first weigh in is next Sunday. Yes we are starting on Easter. We are ending August 1st which is just a few days before we head out to CALI! If I happen to win this time I know I will see the prize mu-la! If not then I can always hunt down the holder of money! So wish me luck! I'm going to kick some trash!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

5k day 2

Day 2 of 5k training is DONE! Only 25 more training sessions to go! I've been searching for 5k races that I can participate in. I found a couple that interest me. May 21st my sisters birthday. June 11th my son's birthday. I think I may do both! Then I may try for the 10k in Spanish Fork at the end of the summer. I also found a triathlon that looks intriguing. Am I crazy?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Today was kickboxing.

I haven't been in a while and my muscles felt it!

Tomorrow is more 5k training.

Can I do it?

I get bored on the treadmill.

I can't keep the same pace outside that I do on the treadmill.

What good songs should I have on my ipod?

I need good motivation!

Any and ALL suggestions would be welcome!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Healthy Dinner

Let me start by saying I wish I had taken a picture because it not only tasted good but was super yummy!!

I made super easy Chicken Tacos!!

This is not the first time that I have made it and I should make it more my boys devour it. Remington ate 4 tacos. Hello I am going to go broke when they are teenagers. Anyway that is for a different post. This is how you make them. I put 2 boneless skinless chicken breasts in a crock pot and then add about 1 cup of salsa. I use the stuff we can from the veggies out of our garden. Then cook on low for about 8 hours. Shred the meat and then eat in corn tortillas. Ryan and the boys like the tortillas fried I just heat them up. We top them with cheese (I opted out) shredded cabbage, avocado, & extra salsa. I also made a rice and beans mix that some of them put into their tacos I just ate it on the side. I ate 2 tacos and had about a cup of rice and the whole dinner calorie wise was 455!! I am stuffed and there are a ton of leftovers so hurray lunch for me and the boys tomorrow. Yummy goodness!

Calorie Counting

I'm back at it.

Calorie Counting.

It is a necessary evil!!

It did help me lose the first 20 pounds

that I have manged to gain 10 of it back.

I also mapped out a training schedule so I can be ready for a 5k.

The Utah Valley one is June 11th

which also happens to be my sons birthday.

I think I may shoot for that and we'll see how fast I can run it in.

So I'm back at it.

Calorie Counting. Exercising. Losing weight.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I know water is good for me.

A good majority of my body is water.

I know I need to replenish it.

I really don't mind water at all.

I decided, as part of my get healthy lifestyle,

that I would start drinking more water.

I do this with help of Crystal Light.

I tell myself its juice.

I like the berry kind and there is a orange one that isn't so bad.

I water them down too

not 16.9 oz like the package suggests

I do 32 oz for every packet.

I could probably do more its still pretty flavorful.

The problem I have with drinking more water.

I spend more time in the bathroom.

I feel like I'm in there every 5 minutes.

Now I am noticing how dirty my bathroom actually is.

I guess since I'm there so much I ought to clean it.