Thursday, June 30, 2011

just a little something or not!

Its only 6 pm and I am 50 calories under my calories for the day goal. Should have passed up that cookie! I guess I won't be munching on anything tonight! Besides I cut myself off from eating after 8pm anyway. I can make it right??
So what do I do if I get hungry you ask?? WATER and then go to bed early. That way breakfast comes that much sooner.
Have a fantastic day!

Sore Muscles= hard work!

Remember how I keep saying "I'm starting again.", "I'm getting back on track.", "Tomorrow is the day."
Well guess what...
Yesterday was the day! I didn't have time to start p90x so I did my Jillian Michaels SHRED DVD instead and this morning I woke up with sore muscles! That is a good thing right? I weighed myself and I've gone up about a pound since I weighed myself last. I can do it, I can do it, I can do it!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Salsa Verde Pork Chops with Lemon Rice

Are you ready for another yummy recipe?? OK here it is. I got part of the idea from a cooking blog and tweaked it a little. I hope you enjoy! Sorry no picture.

Pork Chops:
Season 5 boneless pork loin chops with salt and pepper and a touch of cumin then brown pork chops in a pan. Add about 1 cup of green salsa verde sauce. Let simmer for about 5-10 minutes and serve over lemon rice

Lemon Rice:
Squeeze the juice of one lemon into a measuring cup and then add enough water you will need to cook rice to feed 4-5 people. Cook the rice as you normally would. I added a touch of lemon zest too. I used instant brown rice so I could get dinner on the table faster.

I served this with strawberries for color and from start to finish I had dinner on in 15 minutes.

each serving has...
203 calories
31 g carbs
3 g fat
14 g protein

Back to the drawing board.

Time just slips away doesn't it! I was sitting at swimming lessons this morning and realized that our California trip is only 38 days away. If I work hard I think I can lose 15 pounds before we go. Not the 30 I was dreaming about but still 15 is 15. So here is my plan that I am putting into effect starting TODAY!

1-Count Calories and record daily!
2-Exercise DAILY!!
3-NO eating after 8 pm.!!
4- MORE water!!

number 3 will be a struggle for me. I am a muncher at night and I really need to change things.
I am still trying to decide if I am going to exercise on Sundays. It is a day of rest and I know your body needs a time to recuperate so I am leaning toward relaxing or maybe just doing the stretching DVD of P90X. Speaking of P90X I am starting today! I'm a little scared but I figure if I do that and maybe try to get a little run in every other day I can lose the 15 pounds I am shooting for.
I am loving My Fitness Pal!! It is a awesome FREE website that you can track your food and exercise. You can even enter you recipes and then add them to your food journal. It is amazing!! So there are my goals. Now I'm off to do a weigh in, measurements, and maybe a picture!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Healthy Wrap

I made this wrap at my mom's house a week or so ago.
Tonight I was looking for something to make for dinner and 
happened to have all the ingredients needed for this.
No cooking on a hot summer day and quite filling here is a picture and instructions

First off take a tortilla.
(I happened to have wheat ones so that is what I used.)
Then spread with about 1/2 to 1 TBSP of ranch dressing
add 4 slices of ham I used brown sugar ham
slice 1/4 of any apple (I had braeburn's on hand) into thin slices
squeeze a line of mustard down the center
shred some cheese and sprinkle on top.
Wrap up and enjoy!!
I think next time I may try putting some lettuce or spinach on it.
I hope you enjoy it!!

each wrap has about...
268 calories
31 g carbs
11 g fat
16 g protein

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Where are you??

Have you wondered where I have gone to? Did you think I feel off the face of the earth? NOPE I'm still here. I hit a little block but here I am. I've had a head/chest cold. The kind full of mucus that makes life not so easy and working out HARD! I can hardly breathe. I haven't done much of anything for over a week. I'm ready for it to be over. I tried running on Monday but that was a joke. I was going to try again today while Remington was at track but between the band practicing on the track and the track club on the track and the fact that I can only breathe out of my mouth and need to blow my nose every 10 minutes, I opted to sit on the grass and watch my boys. I did however come home and mow the lawn. That was a chore it hadn't been done in 2 weeks.
I really want to get started on the P90X. I think tomorrow I will take measurements get them posted. I also will try and do a before photo. Sorry I won't be posing in my underwear like the program suggests. I know you are all heart broken about that! HA HA.