Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year

It is a brand new year. The slate has been wiped clean. I am starting AGAIN! I really don't like getting on my treadmill. It faces a blank wall and I can't stand staring at the wall even if I do have my ipod on. I have been pondering what I could do to fix it. I thought of rearranging my room so I could maybe get it to face the TV but that isn't going to work. So it has been a really good clothes rack lately. I have felt awful about it because I begged my husband to buy it for me. Well I finally came up with an idea and I hope it works. We have a portable DVD player and I have a few TV series on DVD so I am going to try watching 1 show a exercise day and see if that works. Why do I need to be entertained? Well I know I can go longer if I am entertained. I'm shooting for 4 days a week at 45 minutes a day. If weather is nice I think I may try for an outside walk. I got some new shoes with some money I got for Christmas so I really have no excuses!! wish me luck!

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