Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Well this weeks weigh in was a little disappointing. I lost 1.4 pounds. I am feeling a little bit discouraged for a couple of reasons.

#1 I am really close to losing that first 20 pounds only 5 more to go!!
{this really isn't discouraging as much as I am so close to my goal that I am anxious to get there and it is just taking a long time. Which I know it is going to but still}

#2 The last 2 weeks I have had low weight loss.
{really 1-2 pounds lost in 1 week is awesome and I am proud of myself. I just had that REALLY AWESOME week where I lost 5 pounds and I keep hoping it will happen again. I know it is not always going to be like that but I wish it where. I also think that I haven't been pushing myself as hard as I could. I have been slacking off and need to get back on track. I have still been writing down everything that I eat and counting calories. I need to get back on the NO eating after 8pm and LOTS more water. I did restock on my crystal light stash so this should be easier!}

#3 I am anxious to get to where I want to be and I want it to come quickly!
{I really am anticipating seeing results I guess I keep thinking that I should be seeing some results and I have a couple of pairs of pants that are feeling a little loose. I just really want to get into a smaller size. I have a couple of skirts and pants that I outgrew and I really want to get back into them again. Shouldn't I be able to be in a smaller size now that I have lost 15 pounds?}

#4 I am also really close to being out of the 200 lb range.
{This is hard to put out there where the world can see so go easy on me OK? I am excited and discouraged because I am so close but at the rate I am going it may take me a couple more weeks to get back down below 200 which I haven't been in almost 3 years!}

#5 I am close to my goal but I don't have another one
{I think I need something to work toward but really I can't think of what. I've been debating running a 5k. I am a little scared though. Maybe I should search and see what I can find. Maybe in the winter in St George there will be something.}

So there you have it. My update for the week. Have a mentioned lately that I got in a 14 minute mile? Slowly I am getting faster and it is getting easier too!
Have a fantastic day!

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