Thursday, September 9, 2010

Weigh in day!!

Today was biggest loser babes weigh in day! Any guesses as to how I did??
Not nearly as good as last week which was a disappointment!
I did lose. A loss is a loss right?
So here are the numbers...
this week~ 1.2 pounds lost (see not so hot)
total~ 14 pounds lost! Which I am way stoked about.
I am going to try mixing things up a bit and see if that helps speed things along.
Yes I am very impatient and would like the weight to all fall off NOW!
I am aware that this is NOT how things work and it takes lots of hard work to get off the weight that was oh so easy to put on! Little steps right and hey I am 6 pounds away from my birthday goal! WAA HOO!


cellosara said...

Drink ONLY water.
Eat more fiber. Whole wheat and veggies in particular. (Fiber makes you feel fuller, longer AND gives your colon a good scrubbing, which we all need any way).
Cut some of your animal proteins out for a while, after a while you won't miss it and you'll feel sluggish after a while when you do eat too much.

Suzanne Aguero said...

Amy! I am inspired. You are awesome, keep up the good work!