Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weigh in Wednesday results!!

Well it is once again its Wednesday!! Which means weigh in day for my biggest loser contest. I am down another 2.6 pounds since last week. If you are keeping track that is down 7.2 pounds since starting!! Which means that I only have about 13 pounds to go to get to my goal of 20 pounds by my birthday. I think I am going to smash that goal!!!
Its so much harder to take it off than it is to put it on!!
I did have someone tell me that I am looking good and my face looks slimmer. This is nice to hear since I am not seeing any difference in my body. I am anxious to lose some "baby weight" Yes I am aware that my baby is 2!!
I did put on a pair of jeans this morning and they felt looser but I think this was all in my head!
Well tell next time!! happy dieting and exercising!!

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