Friday, August 13, 2010

Work out Update!

I have been working out everyday this week. Mostly I have been getting on my treadmill. It has been a while since I was using it. Sad I know!! Anyway I got on it today and walked at the highest incline for 10 minutes. {My rear is going to be sore!} Then I lowered the incline and
jogged for 22 minutes straight no stopping!!!!
Can I get a woot woot!!!

I probably could have gone longer too but the kiddos were needing some attention. Don't they know that if I get in a workout I will be a much happier mommy?? I have also been watching what I eat. Just for the record counting calories sucks my will to live. There should be a better way!!
I am so proud of my self for running that long. I think if I were outside I would have quit before then. The treadmill makes me keep going. So I guess I am off to a good start!

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