Monday, May 16, 2011


I have been wanting to try a program like p90x. I did a bootcamp with a neighbor a couple of years ago. She did a lot of the same things that this program entails and I lost about 10 pounds during the 8 weeks that I worked out with her and it was only twice a week and I didn't really change my eating habits. So I've been wanting to try this again.
Not that I want to be ripped like the infomercial shows but hey a little muscle definition never hurt anyone right? So I looked into a few programs and thought I am NEVER going to be able to afford this. Then as I was looking on KSL Classifieds I came across a couple of ads for p90x. So I got in touch with one of the sellers and boom I have it. Now I just have to get started and see how much I can lose in 90 days.
Now to decide whether I should start before my 5k on Saturday or after.
My little sister is engaged and getting married at the end of August so that is just one more reason for me to keep going on this weight loss.
I'll let you know what I decided. I haven't even had a chance to open my package and go through the information yet but it is on my growing to do list. One step at a time.

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cellosara said...

It's a killer, but I liked it. Don't overdo yourself, and remember to stay hydrated with WATER. No more pepsi or Dr. pepper or whatever. The less you drink it, the sooner you lose your taste for it. Good luck. I know you can do it.