Sunday, May 22, 2011

5k results!

Here are the stats to my race.
According to the results online there were...
876 runners.
Overall I came in 407 th
I finished in the top half.
In my age group 30-34 females there were ...
110 runners.
I came in 57 th
I was in the bottom half.
I finished in 38:13.06.
which is a 12:20 minute mile.
Overall I pretty proud of myself.

At first I thought I had finished in 40 minutes. I was a little bummed because that time was not much lower than the last 5k race I did. However that was the gun time. I was in the back of the pack and had a chip on my shoe so that when I crossed the starting line it started my chip time. I am going off of this and NOT the gun time. This feels more like a true time of how I ran. There were quite a few hills on this trail and the last one about did me in. I did see one girl throwing up. I guess I didn't push myself that hard. But I am VERY proud of myself and I can't wait to do another one. I am even thinking a 10k may be possible!!

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