Saturday, April 2, 2011


I know water is good for me.

A good majority of my body is water.

I know I need to replenish it.

I really don't mind water at all.

I decided, as part of my get healthy lifestyle,

that I would start drinking more water.

I do this with help of Crystal Light.

I tell myself its juice.

I like the berry kind and there is a orange one that isn't so bad.

I water them down too

not 16.9 oz like the package suggests

I do 32 oz for every packet.

I could probably do more its still pretty flavorful.

The problem I have with drinking more water.

I spend more time in the bathroom.

I feel like I'm in there every 5 minutes.

Now I am noticing how dirty my bathroom actually is.

I guess since I'm there so much I ought to clean it.

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