Monday, April 25, 2011

Really only 25 days?

Did I really sign up for a 5k that is in 25 days? I'm not sure that I am going to be ready.
Good news is that we weighed in to start
So I am now a little more motivated. I did get my running in. Do you think its bad to run more than 3 times a week? Or should I mix it up? I would ultimately like to lose 30 pounds by the time our contest is up in 3 months. Its going to take some hard work and dedication. Which is hard with all this Easter candy around. Wish me luck!

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Jamie said...

Go to and there is a free signup and in tools there is a smart coach. In there you can put your goal and it will give you a running plan. There is also a online program called that you can track your miles and it keeps track for you. i am on that one too. Good luck! You will do awesome!