Sunday, April 17, 2011


Some of you may remember about a year ago I did a biggest loser contest with some of my cousins and friends. We sent money to a girl to hold onto and we went for about 8 weeks. My cousin and I ended up losing the same percentage of body weight and therefore decided to split the money in the pot. YEAH ME!! Well sad to say I never received my winnings. It kind of deflated my progress that I had made. I know its lame to say that I gave up because I never saw the monetary prize but I did. I should have kept going because I would be a lot farther ahead now. No I slacked for awhile and gained about 1/2 of the weight back that I had lost. WHY is gaining so much easier than losing?? Well we are planning a trip to CALIFORNIA this summer. We are going to be going with Ryan's family. Newport Beach!! A week on the beach sunny, warm, sandy AHHHH!! I can hardly wait. Well now The Rasmussen's have decided to do a biggest loser contest my brother in law came up with the idea to call it RASMUSSEN LOSERS!! I love it! So my goal is to lose 25 pounds really I would like to lose 30! The first weigh in is next Sunday. Yes we are starting on Easter. We are ending August 1st which is just a few days before we head out to CALI! If I happen to win this time I know I will see the prize mu-la! If not then I can always hunt down the holder of money! So wish me luck! I'm going to kick some trash!!

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Jamie said...

I agree! It wasn't about the winnings, but it was. It is very upsetting that she kept the money that wasn't hers.
U can do it! I'm excited for you and your biggest loser and 5K!
Love you cuz!!